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Welcome to NBBC

NBBC Business Center currently has 13 branches, all of which are conveniently located and suitable for starting new companies. The space design and planning arrangements are designed by the NBBC team. Through lighting, movement lines and stylish furniture decorations, it combines design and practicality to create a comfortable office environment and meeting venue.

You can expand your business through NBBC  Business Center and save the cost of starting a business in the early stage. In the medium term, when the company grows and the space demand increases, NBBC can also provide larger offices, allowing your company’s space needs to be smoothly and flexibly adjusted. , save a lot of costs and efforts to sprint the business. Why choose NBBC  Business Center? Here are our key capabilities


In addition to basic desks and chairs, complete office equipment is also provided to reduce expenses.


Provide floor-specific secretarial services, visitor reception, letter reception, etc.


The design styles of different floors create a comfortable space without losing the office atmosphere.


There are cafes, juice bars, massage chairs and other facilities on the floor, so you can relax properly after work.


In addition to office rental, we also provide conference room rental and business registration services.


Fingerprint and face management in and out, coupled with surveillance video system, safe and worry-free.

Providing reliable business services since 2015. We are building dreams.

All the business needs you need are here!

NBBC Business Center provides efficient, professional and considerate service quality, novel office design and comfortable public space. I hope you can enjoy life while working. In terms of space, a variety of office options are provided according to the needs of customers, and there are complete office equipment, secretarial services, water dispensers, freshly ground coffee machines, refrigerators, fingerprint and face recognition systems, and 24-hour surveillance video, allowing you to sprint without any worries.

Best location in the industry








Virtual office

Virtual office is also called industrial and commercial registration, business registration or borrowed address registration. We provide letter collection and conference room rental discounts; if you have any questions during the application process, you can ask the secretary for assistance.

Merchant Partners

In addition to providing a comfortable public space, NBBC Business Center also has a coffee mission, providing you with the first cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning; as expected, fresh fruit tea and fresh fruits to supplement the nutrients needed for the day.

Bussiness consulting service

In addition to renting conference rooms and virtual offices, we will also provide interior design, accounting firms, bookkeepers, ESG and other companies according to customer needs, saving you the trouble of searching.

Over 1,000 satisfied customers

NBBC’s service quality ranks among the best in Taichung City. No other business center has so many satisfied customers!


公共空間有設計感舒適, 每天上班心情都很好位在勤美誠品附近 中午休息可以和同事逛逛找靈感


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